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Posted By sarge on 06/20/19 - Bookmark Get Black Shemale X For 60% Off

Now even black chicks have bigger dicks than me? The only thing that makes me fee a bit better than that is that Melanie over here has a bigger dick than just about every other guy on the planet.

Yeah, that’s right, the global population consists of approximately 14% black people and since the male female split is pretty much 50/50 it means that 86% of us are likely to have smaller dicks then black chicks… let that sink in for a moment 😀

You can probably tell that I enjoy statistics to point out facts, no matter how arbitrary they are but if you would like to hear another number that you are bound to enjoy a lot more here’s a great one: This link will take you to a special 44% discount from Horny Black TGirls.

I don’t have to guess if you’d like that because you’re reading this meaning that you saw the pic and clicked the link to get here, so I know this appeals to you.

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Posted By sarge on 02/18/19 - Bookmark Get Black Shemale X For 60% Off

I think this guy got it wrong when he was told to look deep into her eyes, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

So Trans Angels is one of those sites with shemales so feminine that I doubt i would ever have been able to tell that they have dicks if I spotted them arbitrarily in public. Most of them are so good looking too that I could easily excuse a heterosexual male hitting on one of them, let’s say at a pub, not having the first clue that he wasn’t talking to a person born female.

Such is modern life I guess. Saying that we’re living in interesting times would be a gross understatement in my opinion.

While this is not quite my scene I am not one to judge, I have my fair share of fetishes that not everyone else will necessarily share in so each onto their own. If this is your kettle of fish though then you might like to know that you can scoop up a TransAngels discount for up to 68% off in savings with that link.

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